Liability and insurance

A human being is liable for all his acts, consciously or not.

Be it as a result of a traffic accident, a medical act, an act committed by a third person for whom one is accountable (for example parents for their minor children), a criminal offence or the conclusion of a contract, the civil liability ties everyone towards a third person, independently of his social status and in all aspects of his daily life.

If the legal principles, which are at the base of the reparable damage, are well known by the insurances companies, who dispose of important financial and human resources to fulfill their work, it is however not the case for the party suffering prejudice. Often helpless, not understood and with no knowledge of their rights, the party suffering prejudice will have to deploy a considerable energy to obtain full, complete and just reparation of their prejudice. As their first preoccupation will be to recover their health in case of corporal damage, they are often simply dismissed, when claiming their rights.

Assisting the parties suffering prejudice and patients victims of medical errors, AVOCATS ASSOCIÉS will advise you and, if necessary, will conduct all necessary legal procedures for the defense of your rights.

Our law office will also advise you in case of any litigation with insurances companies, for example in case of coverage refusal, disagreement on the insured amounts or on the insurance indemnities or on the due allowances, in  case of termination of your contracts or of refusal by the insurance to terminate the latter or of any other litigation.




Liability and insurance